Yesterday marked the three month mark from the race.  It also marked the first full week back into training. To properly honor the occasion, I did something weird: I ceremoniously removed my B2B wristband.

It was a short ceremony. Yes. For three months I've worn a purple tyvek wristband on my left arm. It's exactly like the ones you get when you go to a bar or concert but it was stamped with the B2B logo. A plastic badge of courage. It had cuts in several places along the edge and the outer purple part had separated from the inner band. Chlorine (or sweat) from a swim earlier in the day leaked out of one of the holes near the clasp. Gross.  I don't think it would have ever come off on its own.

In keeping with the quote from yesterday (see the ring below), I used it as a reminder of that day. I used it as a reminder to look within. I used it as a reminder to move forward. I had three goals for keeping it on for so long. One was to write about my experience. I wanted to journal about it so that I wouldn't forget the day itself - or the friends and family who supported my journey.  One was to reflect on what it meant to me. The third was reverse psychology: I told myself I could remove the bracelet when I signed up for Beach2Battleship 2014!

Here We Go Again!
I'm sure I'll uncover more life lessons from B2B 2013 that I'll share here in the coming year but, I'm ready for the new year now and the new adventure to ironman. I'm ready to move forward with all that I learned and experienced last year and CONNECT to what waits this year. Here we go again!