B2B Gratitudes

Lance Tate
Alan Sandrin
Anne Goins
[for your encouragement ALWAYS and for being at the finish]

Jen Manocchio
Ben and Wendy Bowie
(for being there at the start and at Satellite Bar)
Leanne Vella
[for being there at the start and the bike special needs and on the run at the Satellite Bar]
Tina & Ren Williamson
[for being there at the start]
Ruth Edwards
Sam Catlett
Jeanne Benfield
Jane Ellison
Mandi Harberger
Kris Keller
Lauren Stephensen
Joe LeBlanc
Meredith Serling
[for your phone call the day before (I have the voice mail saved!) and your enthusiasm always]
Bruce Reding
Sheila Sokolinsky

Colin Jones 
Parker Jones  
Rod & Sherry Andrew
Dottie & Ron Sauer
[for being there at the edge of the road at the Porter's Neck Harris Teeter and for bragging about me ever since October 26]]

Susan, Emery &Maris Best
[For waiting an hour later than expected out on the run course. I cannot tell you how it felt to round the bend near the amphitheatre to see the three of you cheering. My favorite moment was running with Emery to the aid station and having her cheer for me as we ran. One! We are the Vikings. Two! A little bit louder! Three! I still can't hear you four and more and more and more!]


Renee & Johnny Griffin
[for my pre-race goodie package - my journal of awesome, my Coke, my ChickfilA gift card and so much more! for being out on the bike course - about mile 30ish and for keeping the beat of the metronome on the run. Can't wait for you to do it NEXT YEAR!]

Shelley Cavenaugh
[for staying two seconds later than your volunteer shift so that I could get the medal for my first ironman hung around my neck by my longest-time friend in the world!]

Amy Franklin
[for volunteering and being there at the finish with Shelz!]

Tim Bomba 
[for being there for the past four years! for your enthusiasm, creativity and for connecting with me and all the athletes. Thank you for reaching out each year - for remembering the stories of the athletes who are reaching remarkable milestones with every step. I'm proud to call you friend.]

Kim Garnette & Kylee
[Kim, your support and encouragement and interest every Tuesday and Thursday night at spin class made my training count. I looked forward to our conversations and loved that you shared Kylee's successes with me all season. I was proud to take you both with me on race day - I had glitter (from the card) in my hair and her picture in T1 and T2 and your names were on my water bottles!]

 Todd Francis, Scott Howard and David Thomas
[for checking in on me all day on race day. Ain't I somethin'?]