Marching Forward

It's a new month and it's RACE WEEK. I'm looking forward to a the next fifteen days. I'm racing the Azalea sprint tri this Saturday and I'm racing a 10K next week. Here are a few updates:

It's Almost Spring: Despite the fact that it is currently 45 degrees (it's dropped 20 degrees in two hours), yesterday was splendid. It was close to 80 and the sun was shining. I slept in, taught my spin class off the bike and then headed outside. I rode 34.75 miles by myself. I did an out and back through Pender County. Despite the wind being outside sure does beat the trainer.    

CUSS IT OUT   Some of you may know that I'm giving up something for one month, every month. Sunshine Spice and I gave up alcohol in January, meat (chicken, pork and steak) in February and this month, we're giving up cussing. If we swear, we put a dollar in a jar. The one with the least money in the her jar will win the other person's jar. I'll keep you posted on how this works out. 

I'm trying to get creative with my coaching and my spin classes. I go  through phases and right now I'm trying new things. My latest endeavor is to use my technology know-how to create virtual rides.  Here's a preview: