Back to Work

Today, I got back to work. I've taken a break (and not just from blogging). One of my favorite parts of racing is recovery and this week has been no exception. For several days after a race I eat junk food, I sleep late and I do not run.  

Progressive Lunch: I couldn't decide WHICH so I ordered it ALL.

I have been sore - my quads are tender and I have had phantom pains in my hands, forearms and feet. On top of that, I faced my biggest fear on Tuesday: a root canal! So my face hurts, too. (I know, it's hurt you for a long time. Good joke. Ha Ha) It was the perfect excuse to stay in bed and eat milkshakes! If only my hamstrings had received a little novocaine love. 

Salted Caramel Shake from Arby's
It's Thursday and playtime is over. I've been moving a little - I taught a spin class and walked on Monday and Wednesday. But, with 43 days, 18 hours, eight minutes and two seconds left - it's time to step up! The first order of business - a run.

I'll admit I had a disappointing run at Patriots (more on that to come). It was not what I wanted and I needed a few days to pout. Unlike IM Raleigh 70.3, though -- where my confidence was shot and I contemplated quitting triathlon -- I am fired up.

I nailed my run today. I didn't feel fresh and it wasn't easy, but I did the work anyway. My instructions were to build to a 9min/mile pace.  I divided the hour into 10 minute intervals and set out. My 10 minutes included dynamics and an easy jog. Here are my splits for the rest:

10 min at             10:11
10 min at             9:43
10 min at             9:19
10 min at             9:09
10 min at             8:54
Average pace for five miles of work is 9:27/mile. Plus, that last 10 minutes included a stop to chat with the neighbor!   

I am excited. I have had a shift in belief and a shift in commitment. October 26, here we come!