Namaste, Ya'll

A quick, fun story before I launch into my year-end round of posts. Last week, I was asked to fill in at the Fit Center - as a yoga instructor! I love yoga and try to hit one class each week (thank you, Jamie Annette!) but, I do NOT know how to teach it. They were in a pinch and the boss-man suggested I pop in a video and go from there.

So.....…..I did it! I took my friend Tony Horton with me and did parts of the P90X YOGA X video with a crowd of 15!!! Before class, I gave them a five minute warning and let them know we’d be doing power yoga and that I was coaching – and that my feelings would not be hurt if they wanted to sneak out. 

No one left! I warned them that I only knew four sanskirt words: Drishti, Namaste, Anjali Mudra and Ardha Uttanasana – but I think that's more than Tony Horton knows! 

I left the cues to Tony and encouraged them to take it all very lightly. "The word for tonight may be fun," I offered.  During the class, I suggested modifications to a lot of the poses he did.  We did  do eleventy Chaturangas (oh! Another word I know!) and by the end of class my triceps and lats were weak.

At the end, I attempted the savasana on my own (thanks for the confidence, Jess H.). I didn't rush it, I eased up out of it and was doing fine until the very end. We were seated and quiet with our awareness back into the room; webrought our hands into prayer pose and I said..........Namaste........ya'll!

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts - a race review and interview and a rear-view!