B2B Acknowledgements

 Mary Jo Conlogue
[for your prayers on training and race days. I know that you were praying constantly and without ceasing every swim stroke, pedal stroke and step. You are an inspiration to everyone in the neighborhood - you do an ultra marathon of loops around the block and it's hard to keep up. Plus, you are an ironwoman of faith.]
Patti Long & Jane Lawrence

 David Connor
[my B2B Facebook friend of several years whose pep talks before the race eased my nerves and whose presence on the course kept me moving on the run course. Knowing that you'd be out there to cheer me on or chide me was for walking was enough to keep me moving - at least until mile 18.5. You were right: the last half of the marathon in the ironman will mean more to mean than the rest of the race combined.]

Donald Corry
 [for cheering me on throughout the journey. Your advice to enjoy the moment and enjoy the day was spot-on. Like you, I paused for a moment during the swim and enjoyed the sparkling water, the swimmers spread wide across the channel, the sun rising over Wrightsville Beach. I enjoyed the bike and even the run and taking a moment to soak it all in was the key to priceless memories. Like you said:  So many people say "What if" and never go after their dreams. You will actually be a part of an event that so few people will ever do, let alone understand why someone else would. In reality...how many people will ever be in a position to do what you will be doing on race day??? Very Few. You will be a part of a very select club, so don't let the day go by and miss it!! Next year you can be part of it, too!]

--- Team TriStacey ---
Jess Henry (for pre- and post- support)
Kevin "Richardson" (for cheering at the run turn-around)
Jennifer Mayfield (for your cheers near the first lap of the run)

Kristin Smith
[for swim lessons that stuck and assuring me that an ironman marathon is way different than a regular marathon. You were right.]
Sami Winter
[for your encouragement, words of wisdom (ironman is not a math equation) and inspiration (by doing it yourself)] 
Ty Rabon
Lawrence Landrigan
Lori Drake
Leanne Greco
Cathy Young
Tayrn Bain & Gaia Grace
[for yelling and cheering at the best aid station ever and for Gaia's hug at mile two]

Steve & Christy Nix and Brooke and John Scacheri
[for surprising me at the finish after you dinner double date night!]

Amy Sawyer
[for your voice mail the day before. I still have it saved!]

Kris Todd
 Stacy Psiluska
Denise Sanfillipino 
Charlie Hines
Nicole Ferguson
[for taking pictures, singing and cheering on the course and for being part of the original Triple Decker, Team Tiara B2B team] 
Nicole, Michelle and Beth
Spices: Adventure, Boss, Honey, Om and Hannah
Brian & Rebecca Moxey
[Brian - for the rides and the runs before race day. Rebecca - for your traveling encouragement on the run. Seeing you in different places and spaces on the run mad me smile every time you yelled out the window for me! To you both: for rounding up amazing volunteers on the run course!]

Karen Erickson
[hi, friend! I loved sharing the love and struggle of my journey - because I know you know.]

Kathryn Warren
Kipp Register
Jack Warren
[for your phone call the day after. I still have it saved!]

Adam Rose
Frances Atkins
Charlie George
[my TrySports team. Charlie - for keeping Lucinda in amazing shape and having her race ready for every. single. race. Frances for always being enthusiastic about my first ironman! And Adam, for your support in the store and for your bike escort during the race. Seeing you out there was a perfect pick-me-up. It was great to hear you were jealous and wanted to be out on the race - it was a reminder of how great the day was - while it was happening!]
Jim Mincher
[for giving encouragement and stories every time I visit TwoWheelerDealer. Knowing you were out on the course was insurance and assurance.]

John Stevens
[my Omega connection. The fact that you care every time I walk into the store is felt beyond the store. The fact that you remember me - and other athletes - how and why we're running and encourage us all to keep doing what we're doing - is not lost on anyone who is blessed by your easygoing attitude and motivation. ]

Greg Koenig
[I STAND CORRECTED. I also swim, bike and run corrected thanks to your genius work.]

Liz James
[for volunteering and filling me with JOY in the middle of Greenfield Park]

Jason & Sheri Albertson
Lucas Peterson
Justin & Derek
[and the rest of the Fit Center crew at the NHRMC aid station. Seeing you dressed up and cheering and smiling and egging me on four times in that five hour run was worth more than you know! I treasure that you were all a part of my big day!]