Ten Minute Challenge

I've been too busy to write! A lame excuse for a blogger. So I'm gonna get back to it. I've been challenged by another blogger to write for ten minutes each day for the next few days and see what happens. So, I've set my timer and started. 

I have been having fun. I've raced two times since my last blog and learned how to Stand Up Paddleboard from World Champion Danny Ching. I started teaching a new class at the Fit Center [Bessie's BadAss Bootcamp] and I'm enrolled at Stanford! Okay, it's really an online class about how My Body Adapts in the World. I'm not really going to Stanford. But, my brain is full of useful knowledge about what happens when we get cold, hot and old.

See? It's hard for me to write about life when I'm so busy living it! But, the reason to live it is to write stories about it. Very. Short. Ten-minute stories.

Danny Ching Stole My SUP and Other Stories.

My timer just buzzed. Gotta Go!