Carolina Beach Double Sprint 2015

On Sunday, I did the Carolina Beach Double Sprint. It is a crazy fun format: an 375 meter ocean swim + 1.5 mile run + 12 mile bike + 1.5 run back to the beach + an 375 meter ocean swim. That means four transitions and eleventy logistics. 

I had a great race. I pushed when I needed to and talked myself through some rough patches in the swim. I think my biggest gains came in the run. Compared to last year's race, I was really no faster. But, I'm actually learning to look at my watch more during the run. My goal for both runs was to increase my speed by five seconds every four minutes. It worked. And by keeping an eye on my pace I could nail it rather than leave it to my perception.

I had a few wardrobe malfunctions. For the eleventy-eth time I did not start my watch correctly at the horn. I do this a lot and think I press start and I really don't. I realized my mistake as I emerged from the water. Fastest swim ever! 00:00:00. From now on, when the starter says FIVE SECONDS, I'm going to start my Garmin.

In transition TWO (from the run to the bike), I had another issue, this time with my bike shoes. For a faster transition, I rubber band my bike shoes onto my bike. I was able to put on my helmet, take off my run shoes, grab my bike and go! 

Do It Like This. [See the Red Rubber Band?]

At the MOUNT line, I jumped on my bike. My right foot slid right into the shoe. My left foot - not so much. As I pedaled, the rubber bands broke (which is what's supposed to happen) and my left shoe flipped upside down. It took me two blocks to get my left foot in and my shoes tightened. I'd only practiced it twice before race day. Lesson learned.