A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Podium

I am not supposed to worry about results in a race. I am supposed to think about the process. Think about the here and now rather than the outcome. Sometimes my pride gets the best of me. I am competitive with myself and others and I want to win the game. Plus, I like prizes. And attention.

I like to check out who I might be competing against. It's another bad habit - along with thinking about the results - that I do before each race. I cannot help it. It's an obsession. So, last Monday, I checked out the participant list. There were three people in my age group. Sweet! Barring in crazy mishaps, I'd probably make it on the podium. Right?

White Lake Podium 2014: Second Place!
On Wednesday, right before online registration closed two new women signed up in my age group. Misty Brown who I have put on a pedestal for many years (that girl can go!) and Roxy, another fast woman I've been chasing for years. Time to step up my game. 

On Sunday, I joked with Misty about hating her guts. Which is impossible. Not only is she fast, but she's funny and talented and energetic and yes, I wanna be like her when I grow up. But, I sent fake hatred her way. I was feeling pretty optimistic. I knew I could hang with the three top women (Misty, Cee and Roxy) on different parts of the race, and if I could pull together a great all-round effort, I'd be close. 

Then, up walks Melia.