Pier 2 Pier Swim

This weekend, I learned a lot about swimming in the ocean. It is a big swirl of fear, joy, frustration, peace and fun. On Saturday, Ace and I did our first pier to pier swim of the season. It was an event called Stoked 2 Go Out - a memorial swim for an incredible young man who we didn't know - but wish we had. On Sunday, I did the Carolina Beach Double Sprint triathlon. It is an ocean swim + run + bike + run + ocean swim. As much as I love swimming, I was afraid of these two swims.

I have had some amazing swims lately. Looking as far back as White Lake international in the fall, I've had a string of great races and swims: White Lake and Pinehurst International, Beach 2 Battleship and most recently White Lake half. I've found myself thinking this is what it feels like to swim well. This is what it feels like to swim fast

I did not think that this weekend. 

I did have some great moments. 

On Saturday, my start was great - I am learning the butterfly kick - and was able to use it to get out fast and past the breakers. I would dive into the wave, dolphin kick a few yards, plant my feet on the bottom and launch myself through the next set of waves with more dolphin kicking. I've never done that before and it was very effective

I hit the deep water and stayed with a group of five swimmers for about three blocks before I finally found my groove. There were no sighting buoys, so I sighted off their strokes for a while. When they disappeared to the right and left, I began sighting off the water rescue volunteers on surfboards.  I also loved swimming from very blue water, into very green water and back into blue. The sun was making the surface of the water sparkle and I loved being surrounded by other swimmers.

But, for the most of the 49 minutes I was in the water, I was experiencing every other emotion and thought.  [My ten minutes are up! More tomorrow].