Adventure Seeker

Now that my first ironman is over, I've made it a point to do a bunch of things that I missed for bike rides, swims and runs. There's more to life than triathlon and I'm out to prove that I can do it all! I've marked a few things off the list already!  

Goofy Golf in Panama City Beach
Shooting Guns at Aunts' Farm. Practicing for Ladies Night at Shooter's Choice

Me & Jenni Sunshine at the Batting Cages

Catching Flicks with Ace at Cucalorus 19
I have some stories to come about some of these adventures. I promise to give more details on the Goofy Golf (did someone say Brew Thru?) and how trampolining for 40-year-olds hurts worse than an IRONMAN. Stay tuned.....here's what's in store:


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